In square feet

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  1. Kazikora11 months ago

    My wife gets upset when I do XYZ. So I do XYZ and she gets upset. So I get upset that she gets upset at something I know she gets upset about. What's wrong with her???

  2. Tegar11 months ago

    Tracer from overwatch anyone?

  3. Gajas11 months ago

    Kuka vittu käyttää bikinejä saunassa

  4. Zologami
    Zologami11 months ago

    I simply chose to shirk gods and goblins as sources for goodness and relied upon developing my own. There's a lot of overlapping between what people say their gods moralities are and mine. I strive for honour, integrity, and justice in myself and can only hope others do the same.

  5. Tat
    Tat11 months ago

    Hell I'm from Ankeny lets meet!

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