Cum mommy

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  1. Vilmaran2 years ago

    whos at 0:49

  2. Yozshuhn
    Yozshuhn2 years ago

    Lol. I like my manager and understand he always sees the bigger picture. But I hate the roundabout general comments he makes. Like if I tell you specific things about x, he ignores x and goes on a tangent like: we need to be sure we’re scoping things properly and defining things also remember that ultimately it is their product so we can’t tell them what they need etc. I’m like OMFG if you think I need to do Z or you don’t want me telling them what they should do (which is what you do as a consultant mind you...), JUST SAY THAT. I do not like roundabout comments. SPEAK DIRECTLY. Also what the hell does this have to do with X?!

  3. Kagall
    Kagall2 years ago

    Lol it’s cute

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